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Carpet installation

Carpet Flooring Installation

While do-it-yourself home improvement projects are increasingly popular, installing carpet is a specialized skill. All carpet manufacturers understand this and recommend using a professional installation team, like those offered by Paul Evans Carpet and Flooring, to make sure your new carpet is expertly installed so you‘ll be satisfied with it for years to come.

Vinyl installation

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Most vinyl flooring installation is considered to be a professional job – especially with roll vinyl goods. Proper cutting and fitting as well as adhesive application and post lay work such as rolling the floor with a 100 lb roller make vinyl installation a delicate job. However, with many of the newer vinyl plank products and some of the newest spray adhesives it is increasingly easy for DIYers to successfully install vinyl flooring on their own. Paul Evans Carpet and Flooring can help with any installation, if needed.

Hardwood installation

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Properly installing wood flooring is a demanding job. From ensuring that the subfloor is in a proper condition to support your new wood flooring to having the proper tools to guarantee a proper fit hardwood flooring installation requires an experienced professional. In addition, most wood flooring installations require trim installation to give your project a finished look.


Carpet Repair

Over time carpets may become damaged due to wear or pets. On rare occasions, carpets may need to be restretched or seams may require repair. Paul Evans Carpet and Flooring professionals stand ready to complete these floor repair tasks in a prompt and cost effective manner.


Removal and Disposal of Old/Existing Floors

Every flooring job professionally installed by Paul Evans includes the removal and haul off of old flooring. While the removal of old carpet and padding is included in our basic installation costs, the removal of other flooring types may require additional charges – please ask your Paul Evans flooring specialist for detailed costs.

Preparing for Installation

We proudly install carpet and flooring in Odessa, Midland and throughout West Texas. Aside from moving furniture, you can make sure things go smoothly on installation day by taking care of the following beforehand:

  • Remove all breakable items, like vases, lamps, collectibles, and heirlooms.
  • Detach and store wiring from TVs, VCR/DVD players, stereos, and computers.
  • Clear desktops, tabletops, bookshelves, tops of dressers, and closet floors.
  • Remove all sheets, blankets and bedspreads from beds.
  • Before the installers arrive, vacuum the old carpet thoroughly to minimize the airborne dust and particles.
Your professional flooring installers will arrive with the knowledge, tools, and supplies to lay your new carpet or flooring. They‘ll need access to electrical power outlets and an area to store their electrical tools, so be prepared to help them set up.
After the old flooring and carpet cushion have been pulled up, vacuum the subfloor before the new carpet is installed to minimize dirt and dust. Keep in mind that your new floor coverings need to be installed over a structurally sound subfloor. Any damage from insects, water, or other problems should be repaired prior to carpet installation.

Free Measure & Estimate

We try to make selecting a new floor as easy as possible. One way we can help is to take the guess work out of your flooring project and measure your room or rooms at no charge.